Proposal for New REST Methods

Composed on the 21st of March in the year 2015, at 4:06 PM. It was Saturday.

(Okay, okay, okay, they're technically HTTP methods for use with RESTful

services. It was late. I was tired. Stop writing to me.)


Move previous request ahead in queue by one position.


End session and delete account.


Send email to system administrator reminding them to update the documentation.


Delete a major, user-friendly application at random. Returns no explanation.


Returns what you should have wanted, regardless of request parameters.


Returns what you asked for, but response is irrelevant to your project by the time it arrives. You will have to use it anyway.


Like PUT, but also transfers target domain to the sender's name servers.


Returns estimated time until the system tells you why your previous request failed.


Cancel all other processes and execute arbitrary code as root.


Cancel a NORRIS request.


Find orphaned processes and delete user accounts responsible for them. Returns satisfaction.


Returns brah.

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